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From The Hungry Heart ~ A Woman's Fast for Justice
by Zoe Nicholson Monday, June 7, 1982 Springfield, Illinois

Original caption:Springfield, Illinois: Phyllis Schlafly, of Alton, Illinois, (right), talks with other Equal Rights Amendment opponents in the capital rotunda June 2. Earlier, Senator James Taylor, (Democrat, Chicago), decided not to call up a measure which would reduce the 3/5 majority for constitutional amendments to a simple majority. Photo: David Boe

Today was the "Committee of the Whole." This is a special arrangement to discuss an issue in front of the entire electoral body instead of small subcommittees. First seven women testified in favor of the amendment: Ellie Smeal, Dina, two attorneys and a woman from the Pentagon who addressed the draft. The facts are that Congress decides who is subject to the draft. It has always been that way. They can change the age limits or the gender lines within their own voting process.

The U.S. Constitution has no authority on the draft and the ERA does not affect it.

Then it was time for the opponents to speak. All heads turned to the door and in walked a line of dotted-swiss, crinolined, virginal little darlings, none over 14, who stood in front of the House and begged, pleaded and literally cried that they not be sent to the trenches of war. It was absolutely shocking. This side of the debate cared nothing for the issues of the amendment. They only wanted to use the sight of little girls and emotionalism to pierce hearts and control consciences.

The sixth little girl told a story of how her brother would tie her up and leave her for hours. She was using it to illustrate that boys have more strength than girls. It seemed to me to be more about child abuse laws. She said that her mother always had to intervene and set her free. At that she introduced her mother who had allowed her bully brother to tie her up - Phyllis Schlafly, herself.

Phyllis stepped to the podium. She went on and on about these darling, fragile, porcelain young women who were the future mothers of Americans. She called upon the Representatives to not force them into the draft. She went on to say that the ERA would take women out of their homes, require unisex toilets, grant homosexuals favors, provide funding for abortions and force women into the trenches.

How could this woman be an attorney? Does she really understand the law? Did she actually attend law school and pass the bar?

She went on, "Women should stay home, admiring and appreciating their husbands and maintaining a happy disposition. The ERA threatens the superior stature that women currently have, mainly a husband who supports her, so she is free to follow her own interests."

Phyllis must be a very talented liar or she is severely addlepated. Where are all of these husbands who want to support their wives following their own interests?

What is she saying about a woman raising three children, does she have any free time anyway? She also said that she believes that God is assisting her in the battle. This is not any God I want to know.

Another Phyllisism: "The atomic bomb was a wise God's gift to a deserving America. Because God likes us better than anyone else, He will continue to help us build more atomic bombs than the Russians."

Another: "When a woman walks across the room, she speaks with a universal body language that most men intuitively understand. Men hardly ever ask sexual favors of women when the certain answer is no."

Source: The Hungry Heart

Pages 89 & 90

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