1932 - 2007

Lorraine Rothman, one of the greatest and most innovative heros of the Second Wave health movement, died on September 25, 2007 of complications stemming from bladder cancer.

Born in San Francisco in 1932 Lorraine, pioneer in the abortion movement and inventor of the Del'Em menstrual extractor, went on to co-found with Carol Downer the Gyn Self-Help Clinics and Feminist Women's Health Centers in Los Angeles and Santa Ana, and helped influence the Supreme Courtís decision to approve abortion. A California State professor, author of several women's health books and citizen activist, she is survived by children Murray, Kenneth, Theresa and Andrea and six grandchildren.

Memorial services are being planned. Check back; we'll keep you up to date as we get the information.


I remember when Lorraine and Carol Downer were in NYC ( in the early 1970's) and demonstrated their menstrual extractor to a group of shocked, astounded and delighted feminists who thought they had been in the forefront of what was happening. Lorraine and Carol set us straight! What an experience! Do you remember when you first saw their demonstration?

Jacqui Ceballos