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What a wonderful time we had! Such fond memories, songs and reminiscences. I feel very honored and so grateful to my dear friend Eleanor Pam, for her delightful, and ever capable presence as producer and MC extraordinaire; to my dearest comrade, Sophie Keir, whose creative skills and loving generosity smoothed the way; to Sheila Tobias, the consummate academic who promoted and held fast to the concept of festschrift; to Jan Cleary for creating the wonderful CD of my work and to Amy Hackett for holding it all together by the purse strings.

I want to thank Maggie Peyton for representing Scott Stringer, our Manhattan Borough President. Whoever thought our ragged band of rabble rousers would one day receive a Commendation from The City of New York! Given that so many of our demonstrations blocked traffic in New York, the least we ever expected was a Summons.

My thanks to everyone who attended and to those who couldn't come but sent greetings. I especially want to thank my old friends, Susan Brownmiller, Jacqui Ceballos, Phyllis Chesler, Linda Clarke, Muriel Fox, Madeline Gins, Ann Keating, Barbara Love, Alix Kates Shulman, Gloria Steinem, and my new friends, Shelby Knox and Terry ONeill; my favorite musicians: Alix Dobkin and Sandy Rapp; and my special thanks to Joan Casamo, whose guitar and voice has, for so many years, accompanied all the good times at the farm; and to my buddies, Sidney Abbott, Robin Morgan and Yoko Ono whose messages filled the day with yet more memories.

To each and to all for your wonderful words; and for creating such a meaningful and memorable day at Judson,

My Love and Best Wishes.

Remember Amicus!

Kate Millett

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