Veteran Feminists of America




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University of Illinois Press has less than 100 copies of
Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-1975
in stock and there is no reprint scheduled.

If you have been putting off a purchase, wait no longer. The Press offers the book now at $86 ($82 plus postage). If you want to buy it through VFA, however, we can get you copies for as little as $66 (that includes postage). So donít wait. Buy it now for yourself or for family or friends for the holidays.

This is the only resource of its kind and will not be available much longer. It is a beautiful book, packed with over 2,200 biographies and pictures of our actions.

Pay by PayPal (below) or send a check to VFA, c/o Amy Hackett, 473 Westminster Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11218.

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