"Feminists Who Changed America 1963 -- 1975"
Published by the University of Illinois Press


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*Feminists Who Changed America ~ 1963 - 1975 edited by Barbara J. Love of the Pioneer Feminists Project in partnership with Veteran Feminists of America, a tax-exempt organization created to document feminist history, inspire younger generations, and rekindle the spirit of the feminist revolution.

The book that documents the contributions of 2,250 feminist women and men is speeding toward reality after a decade of effort. Barbara Love (pictured left), the editor, announces through us that the long-awaited reference work will be titled Feminists Who Changed America, 1963 -- 1975 and will be published by the University of Illinois Press, a press with "a good feminist consciousness." The selection came after contact with 27 publishers and help along the way from numerous VFA members, including board chair Muriel Fox.

The book, a partnership between Veteran Feminists of America and the Pioneer Feminist Project, is the result of tireless volunteer work by dozens of dedicated feminists, who saw the need to document our history now and do it accurately, while we can still tell our own stories.

Barbara, a board member of VFA, who has spent her own money to finance the project, has arranged with the University of Illinois Press for a portion of the royalties to go to Veteran Feminists of America for operating expenses, starting from the sale of the first book.

All feminists honored in the book will receive a substantial 20 percent discount, Barbara reports. The basic price for the 616 page book, with photos, will be $80; for feminists in the book the price will be $64. Partners, immediate relatives and survivors of honorees will receive the same discount.

Nancy Cott, a prominent professor of Women's History at Harvard and director of the Schlesinger Library, has written the Foreword, which "brilliantly sets the stage for the struggles and successes of our time," according to Barbara. "Researchers, scholars, journalists, historians, feminists and other experts should find this a valuable source of reliable information on the tenacious 'changemakers' who did so much to improve the lives of women."

"This book may be VFA’s most lasting and important contribution to future generations,” says Muriel Fox (pictured right). Ours is the first social revolution that will have the accomplishments of thousands of leaders documented, not only the handful of famous people at the top. I can’t stress enough how grateful we are to Barbara Love for her tireless efforts to make this book happen, in addition to her financial generosity.”

The editing team included VFA directors Virginia Watkins and Grace Welch. Senior Editors, in addition to Muriel, are VFA members Sara Evans, Sheila Tobias and Jacqui Ceballos. Barbara adds: “Thanks to the professionalism of our editors and the enthusiasm of honorees who submitted their biographies, this book reads like an exciting novel rather than the usual dull directory.”

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