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Premiered June 17, 2011 at VFA's Tribute to Betty Friedan and the NYC 1970 March down Fifth Avenue
at the National Arts Building, Gramercy Park, NYC.

This inspirational documentary of the 1970 Women's Strike for Equality features the music of Helen Reddy, narration by Gloria Steinem and Jacqui Ceballos, excerpts from Betty Friedan's speech in Bryant Park, and images by photojournalist Bettye Lane and others. The historic, archival footage documents the largest gender equality event in US history, where fifty thousand gathered in New York City to celebrate. It also acknowledges the contribution of the early pioneer feminists.

Helen Reddy's hit song,
I Am Woman, sets the tone for the exciting era. Betty Friedan's stirring speech addresses the 'unfinished business' of equality for women of all ages and races. Gloria Steinem describes how the March 'changed our consciousness', and makes reference to the 'cult of masculinity' that has dominated our culture. Jacqui Ceballos, Founder of Veteran Feminists of America, shares her vivid memories of the Women's Strike for Equality that commemorated the 50th anniversary of women's right to vote in the US (19th Amendment). The spirit of the March, as captured in the film, should reach out and inspire women of the world today.

Special “Open Mic” guests at the tribute and screening included such notable feminists as Muriel Fox, Founder of NOW, Karen DeCrow, Chair of the Women’s Strike for Equality and former NOW President, Ann ( no e) O’Shea, Betty Friedan’s Assistant in 1972 and now the Assistant Justice of the New York Supreme Court. Hilde Caren, Betty Friedan’s assistant for the last fourteen years of Betty’s life. Other close friends of Betty Friedan shared their memories as well. Renowned Artist Linda Stein who was recently featured defending women’s equality in the film by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen a k a Ali G, “Borat”, presented the VFA with a portrait of Betty Friedan.

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